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Didactic materials for writing text outlines

Hot off the press: I’ve published a teaching aid in ReLIF about writing outlines strategies (in Spanish only, for now).

Writing a text outline is, for me, one of the most complex aspects of writing itself, specially because it demands bringing into play different cognitive abilities. It involves, for example, the decision about the instructions that motivates the text: what discursive genre does it asks? What thematic focus do I have to use? If there is a length limit, how does the thematic focus fit there? But it also implies the questioning of the communicative situation: who is the reader of our text? What position on the issue should I have? What marks of our bond should appear in the text? And, finally, it involves the organization of an abstract element (the topic and the subtopics) in a very concrete space (the white page).

In this material I tried to think abour a way to face the writing of an outline from scratch. Even though some of these matters rely on the individual writing style, I think that it can be helpful to those that find this aspect of the writing particularly difficult.

If you use it, please don’t hesitate to let me know did it went. Enjoy!

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