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Input and child vocabulary during daily activities (poster)

Explore the link between language input and child vocabulary development in daily activities. This research project, outlined in a poster, delves into the interplay between cognitive and linguistic growth, emphasizing the formative role of social interactions. Gain insights into vocabulary acquisition, language use, and the impact of different activities.

Student Conference, or how to promote the valorization of different ways of talking

Yesterday, Saturday, September 18, the 1st Conference for English Students was held at the National University of Hurlingham. In this text I present some of my motivations to organize it.

Didactic materials for writing text outlines

New teaching aid published on ReLIF! Learn effective strategies for writing text outlines. This resource tackles the complexity of outlining by addressing various cognitive abilities and considering factors like genre, theme, length, and reader engagement. Perfect for those struggling with this aspect of writing.

A year of R

In my latest post, I reflect on my year-long journey of learning R and share seven valuable lessons I have learned along the way. I highlight the beauty and support of the R community, as well as the abundance of educational resources available. I also address the gap between beginner and intermediate levels in terms of educational materials. Additionally, I delve into the differing opinions on the use of Tidyverse in R. I conclude the post with my aspirations and future goals, excited about the progress I have made thus far on this rewarding learning journey.