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Conditional Flow Control Structures in R and Python

Understanding Conditional Flow Control in R and Python: A Closer Look. Explore how R and Python handle conditions with if, if...else, and elif statements. Dive into the syntax of these popular programming languages in our blog post!

Basic operators in R and Python

Discover the basic operators in R and Python! Uncover the similarities and differences between these powerful programming languages. From arithmetic operations to assignment and relational operators, we'll guide you through the essentials.

Choroplethr maps about USA drought with R

Contribución a #TidyTuesday semana 24

New proyect: Text Mining with R

One of my pending debts was always the analysis of texts with R, largely because in my PhD I do corpus analysis. So I decided to start reading the book Text Mining with R by Julia Silge and David Robinson.

Input and child vocabulary during daily activities (poster)

Explore the link between language input and child vocabulary development in daily activities. This research project, outlined in a poster, delves into the interplay between cognitive and linguistic growth, emphasizing the formative role of social interactions. Gain insights into vocabulary acquisition, language use, and the impact of different activities.

Adult and child vocabulary use during everyday activities

Explore our research presented at the Asociación Argentina de Ciencias del Comportamiento (Association of Argentine Behavioral Sciences) Meeting 2021. This study delves into the intricate relationship between the language input children receive and their vocabulary production during daily activities. Gain valuable insights into the influence of sociocultural context and activities on vocabulary acquisition among young children.

Student Conference, or how to promote the valorization of different ways of talking

Yesterday, Saturday, September 18, the 1st Conference for English Students was held at the National University of Hurlingham. In this text I present some of my motivations to organize it.

First approach to choropleth map: green spaces in Buenos Aires

Who doesn’t love those beautiful and colorful choropleth maps that circulate on Twitter? In general, 99% of my use of R is statistical analysis: sometimes I get lucky and can spend a little more time supplementing that analysis with some graphics.

StarTrek voice commands

Dive into the world of StarTrek voice commands with this insightful

Didactic materials for writing text outlines

New teaching aid published on ReLIF! Learn effective strategies for writing text outlines. This resource tackles the complexity of outlining by addressing various cognitive abilities and considering factors like genre, theme, length, and reader engagement. Perfect for those struggling with this aspect of writing.