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Conditional Flow Control Structures in R and Python

Understanding Conditional Flow Control in R and Python: A Closer Look. Explore how R and Python handle conditions with if, if...else, and elif statements. Dive into the syntax of these popular programming languages in our blog post!

Basic operators in R and Python

Discover the basic operators in R and Python! Uncover the similarities and differences between these powerful programming languages. From arithmetic operations to assignment and relational operators, we'll guide you through the essentials.

Choroplethr maps about USA drought with R

Contribución a #TidyTuesday semana 24

New proyect: Text Mining with R

One of my pending debts was always the analysis of texts with R, largely because in my PhD I do corpus analysis. So I decided to start reading the book Text Mining with R by Julia Silge and David Robinson.

First approach to choropleth map: green spaces in Buenos Aires

Who doesn’t love those beautiful and colorful choropleth maps that circulate on Twitter? In general, 99% of my use of R is statistical analysis: sometimes I get lucky and can spend a little more time supplementing that analysis with some graphics.

StarTrek voice commands

Dive into the world of StarTrek voice commands with this insightful

USA Investment Analysis with R

It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in #TidyTuesday: a bit due to lack of time, a bit because the datasets they published didn’t motivate me, and a bit because I was embarrassed to always upload the same thing.

A year of R

In my latest post, I reflect on my year-long journey of learning R and share seven valuable lessons I have learned along the way. I highlight the beauty and support of the R community, as well as the abundance of educational resources available. I also address the gap between beginner and intermediate levels in terms of educational materials. Additionally, I delve into the differing opinions on the use of Tidyverse in R. I conclude the post with my aspirations and future goals, excited about the progress I have made thus far on this rewarding learning journey.

Datathon - DataGénero

Discover the Transfeminist Datathon on Missing Data by DataGénero. Explore tables revealing women's legislative power, transgender visibility, reproductive rights access, and gender-inclusive data analysis. Uncover the significance of missing data for gender equality.